Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mind Alchemy - changing everything up a bit!

I am participating in an online 28-day course throughout the month of February titled Mind Alchemy, offered by Steven Aitchison. For the first day's exercise we mapped out our Wheel of Life, which basically indicates how you prioritize eight key areas of your life (health, family, career, etc) to achieve balance.

On day two we delved a little deeper into our Motivation Direction. This concept is quite simple, yet profound. Once you learn whether you are primarily motivated by the desire to move 'away from pain' or to move 'toward pleasure', you can start to harness your strengths and use them to drive better results (aka, Outcomes) in obtaining your goals. We are not always motivated strictly one way or the other, nor does our motivation for one specific goal have to be driven by only one of these two factors at a time. I discovered that, for the four goals I listed in this exercise, I am primarily motivated 'towards' desired results rather than 'away from' undesirable "stuff". However, one of my goals was driven by both types of desires. Interesting and insightful!

Day three was much more work than the first two days. We learned about our values and then allotted them to each of those eight key areas we mapped in our Wheel of Life on day one. Then we prioritized the values within each key area.

Steven had something special for us on Day 5. I was very glad it fell on a weekend so I could devote some quality time to it.

You should check it out here: